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Yoga Teacher Training – A Brief Introduction

The yoga teacher training includes in-depth lessons on not just yoga asanas but also yoga philosophy and literature under the guidance of experienced yoga gurus. The yoga course has different levels starting from beginner to advanced, not to forget the variety of yoga styles you can learn at a yoga school.

The first thing you should look for is whether a yoga teacher training comes under the umbrella of Yoga Alliance USA which is the global authority looking into everything related to yoga. A certified yoga teacher course includes the study of yoga asanas, human anatomy, teaching tips, Pranayama, and lessons on yoga philosophy.

Let us now understand what exactly is yoga teacher training.

Yoga Teacher Training – A Brief Intro

yoga teacher training

A yoga training has different levels with the 200-hour YTT course being the first level which is also the bare minimum requirement for becoming a yoga teacher as set by Yoga Alliance. After you complete the 200-hour course, you can apply for the intermediate 300-hour YTT course.

However, if you want to take your training to an advanced level and deepen your yoga practice then choose the 500-hour course. The 500-hour YTT is a combination of the 200 and 300-hour courses. While you will find some of these yoga programs in a city-based yoga studio, many take place far away from the city and amidst natural surroundings at a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school.

Going into yoga training might be a bit intimidating for you as a beginner as you feel vulnerable being in unfamiliar territory. Don’t worry, the YTT course offers a life-changing experience to you.

What to Expect At Your First Yoga Teacher Training

Although enrolling in the yoga teacher training feels a bit uncomfortable but you cannot ignore the long-term benefits it offers. Here’s what you can expect during your first YTT;

1. Meeting Your Inner Voice

With social media dominating our everyday lives, it hardly leaves time for us to spend time alone. What this does is leaves you frozen in situations where you have to speak in front of a crowd. However, the certified yoga teacher training provides you the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and teach students in the future.

inner voice

It is in these moments you discover your inner self, find your inner voice, and transform from a beginner to an advanced yoga practitioner. It is here the maximum transformation takes place within you.

2. Change in Priorities

What yoga teacher training does is bring massive changes to the way you live and eat. The junk foods are replaced with healthy ones, binge-watching TV shows by intense yoga practice, and gossiping become a burden. It comes as a shock in the beginning but slowly transforms into your new lifestyle.

3. Connecting With New People

Enrolling in yoga teacher training offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to become part of the yoga community. Here you connect with individuals who come from different walks of life, possess vast experience, and want to deepen their yoga practice.

These people become your new family as you help each other overcome barriers during the yoga practice, support each other through tough times, and blossom into yoga professionals. It is a deeper connection that keeps you connected with your fellow yogis for a lifetime.

4. 200-Hour Training is Just a Start

Going into your first 200-hour yoga teacher training feels overwhelming and confusing as there is so much to learn. However, you should focus on understanding ancient yogic literature and philosophy to really get into the habit of regular yoga practice.

200 hour training

In other words, a 200-hour YTT is just the beginning of the things you would experience after you decide to become a certified yoga instructor.

Yoga not just helps refresh your mind but also rejuvenate your body. All you need to have is the dedication and patience to get through the yoga teacher training. With that said, there are some things you should keep in mind before joining a certified yoga teacher training yoga school.

3 Things to Do Before The Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are the three things you should know before taking part in yoga teacher training.

200 hour yoga teacher training

1. Suitable Clothing and Accessories

The biggest misconception amongst those coming to a yoga teacher training is wearing fancy clothing. However, that is not a necessity as you should wear comfortable clothing to perform each yoga asana without any hassle. As far as yoga accessories go, you can invest in a soft and comfortable yoga mat.

2. Starting Will Be Tough

Many aspiring yoga teachers often find it hard to kickstart their yoga journey at the beginning of their yoga teacher training course. However, giving up and quitting your training would not help either.

You should understand that the starting stage of certified yoga teacher training is a tough nut to crack but not impossible to do. Moreover, with constant practice, you will eventually find it easier to practice yoga and understand its mental and spiritual aspects.

3. Eating Right is Important

Ayurvedic food

Yoga is a sacred art that does not promote the killing of another living being for consumption. The yoga course includes the consumption of pure vegetarian food. You need to have a 2 hours gap between food and yoga practice. Most importantly, you should keep away from junk and oily food items.

That apart, there are some important questions you have to answer before saying yes to the YTT program.

3 Questions You Should Answer Before Joining a YTT

There are three questions you should ask yourself before joining a yoga school.

1. What Are Your Intentions?

Before enrolling in the yoga course, ask yourself, do you want to deepen your yoga practice, or is it just the starting point for you to become a fully certified yoga instructor?

You should have a clear intention behind joining a yoga teacher training course. It gives you a clear idea about what you want to achieve with the YTT in the long run.

2. What is the Best Method of Learning Yoga For You?

There are two different methods to help you accomplish the yoga teacher training, destination and online learning.

On the one hand, you have an online learning method that offers you complete knowledge of yoga as per your comfort and convenience. If you have limited time and less budget then choose this style of learning yoga.

On the other hand, destination learning offers you the chance to live and breathe yoga under the guidance of experienced yoga gurus. You should choose the destination style of yoga learning to not just practice every yoga asana but also experience what it is like to live a yogic lifestyle.

3. Is the Course Yoga Alliance Certified?

yoga alliance certification courses

Not every yoga course is Yoga Alliance certified. If you want to become the best yoga instructor then choosing a course accredited to Yoga Alliance USA. Completing your YTT from such a yoga school would open up a world of employment opportunities with yoga studios.


A yoga teacher training offers you a multitude of benefits apart from helping you deepen the yoga practice. You also gain the skills and confidence to teach this sacred art to others who too want to evolve on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

Ques 1) How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

Ans) That depends on which yoga course you join.  To become a yoga teacher, you can choose either 300 hours or 500 hour yoga teacher training course. Thus, the time will depend on your yoga course. 

Ques 2) Is it difficult to become a yoga teacher?

Ans) No! Becoming a yoga teacher is easy. All you have to do is to enroll in a yoga certification course, complete the required hours of practice, and apply for your certification. Thus, you become a certified yoga teacher. 

Ques 3) Is becoming a yoga teacher worth it?

Ans) Yes! You become a part of the large yoga community, get to know how to teach yoga to others, become a master of your body and mind, plunge into the deepest corners of your mind, earn a living out of it, and much more. Opportunities are vast when it comes to becoming a yoga teacher.