Yoga Poses to Increase Female Fertility

Yoga Poses to Increase Female Fertility

Yoga Poses to Increase Female Fertility – Motherhood is a time of happiness and joy in every woman’s life as she brings a new being into this world. However, long working hours, demanding schedules, and unending responsibilities of modern life are both hectic and stressful for expectant mothers. The unnecessary stress ups the risk of infertility in women. Practicing yoga to increase fertility can help women increase their chances of conceiving.

The never-ending responsibilities and hectic schedules often cause anxiety and depression both of which leads to the problem of infertility. Yoga increases the fertility rate and chances of conceiving in women. Yoga to conceive baby is the natural way and used by many women around the world. Let us first understand what exactly causes infertility in the first place.

yoga to conceive baby

Reasons for Female Infertility

There are several reasons for female infertility and knowing these will help you find the solution to tackle the issue. Given below are two major reasons for infertility in women.

  1. Tobacco & Alcohol

Cigarette smoking has toxins that have an adverse effect on female fertility. These affect the ovaries which leads to a decrease in the number of healthy eggs. Also, regular consumption of alcohol further adds to the problem of infertility.

  1. Damage to Fallopian Tubes or Uterus

A poorly functioning reproductive system, any blockages, or chronic medical conditions are also the reason behind infertility. These either prevent the sperm from traveling to the uterus or affect the movement of fertilized egg to the uterus.

With that said, let us see how yoga helps in boosting fertility in women.

Why Practice Yoga To Conceive Baby

Now the question arises why practice yoga to conceive baby? A healthy body and mind are the two prerequisites for improving your chances of getting pregnant. Yoga provides a natural way to boost fertility as it follows a holistic way of conditioning your body to enter motherhood. The regular practice of yoga to increase female fertility improves your chances of conceiving.

Let us now find out the fertility yoga poses that can help you improve the chances of getting pregnant .

Yoga Poses To Increase Female Fertility

Given below is a combination of an effective yoga breathing techniques and physical postures to help improve your chances of conception.

Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath)

Although a Pranayama technique Bhramari is an effective yoga to increase female fertility. It calms down the nerves around your brain and forehead. It provides relief from stress and anxiety which are responsible for infertility in women.

Bee Breath

How to Practice Bee Breath?

  • Sit in a cross-legged position with your eyes closed and spine straight.
  • Close both your ear lids with your thumbs.
  • Place your index finger above your eyebrows.
  • Apply a little pressure on the side of your nose with your other fingers.
  • Breathe in and out. Press both the ear lids and make a humming sound like a bee.
  • Make the sound for as long as you are comfortable and relax.

Paschimottasana (Seated Forward Bend)

The Seated Forward Bend stretches your lower back, hips, and hamstrings. It stimulates the uterus and ovaries, not to forget also relieve stress and depression.

Seated Forward Bend

Steps to Practice Paschimottasana

  • Sit on the yoga mat with both your legs stretched.
  • Rest both your hands on your thighs.
  • Inhale and while keeping your back straight bend forward as much as you can.
  • Bring your head forward and try to touch it to your knees.
  • Count till five while holding your breath.
  • Slowly come back to the resting position by bringing your body to an upright position. Bring both your hands back to your thighs.

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

The Baddha Konasana is the best yoga pose to increase female fertility that stretches your inner thighs, knees, and the groin area. It increases blood flow to the pelvic region and releases toxins from these regions of your body.

Butterfly Pose

How to Practice Butterfly Pose?

  • Sit with both your legs straight.
  • Bend your knees to touch the soles of your feet with each other.
  • Pull your feet as close as possible by holding both toes with your hands.
  • Breathe and flap your knees and thighs like butterfly wings.
  • Increase and decrease the speed and you will feel a stretch in your inner thighs and pelvic region.
  • Come back to the original resting position by keeping both your legs straight.

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Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

The Hastapadasana offers a good stretch to your back muscles and abdomen. At the same time, it improves blood circulation throughout your body. This yoga pose makes your body flexible and releases all stress from the abdomen area.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Steps to Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat.
  • Stretch your arms and bring them over your head.
  • Bend forward slowly and try touching your toes with your hands. Do not bend your knees while doing it.
  • In case you are unable to touch your feet, try to bend forward as much as you can.
  • Hold this position for a minute and come back to the starting position.

Dandasana (Staff Pose)

Dandasana is the best yoga pose to correct your body posture and strengthen the back muscles. This yoga asana also works on your hamstring and core. The Staff Pose also provides your body with a major energy boost.


Steps To Practice Dandasana

  • Sit down on the yoga mat with your back straight and legs stretched in front of you.
  • Keep your toes pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your palms next to your hips. Make sure to keep your spine straight.
  • Lower your shoulders and keep your neck straight.
  • Keep your chin leveled and focus at a particular point in front of you.
  • Hold this position for one minute and relax.


Yoga does offers a host of mental and physical health benefits. However, women looking to conceive can practice yoga to increase female fertility which improves blood flow to the organs and relieve stress.