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Yoga Instructor Certification: How to Get it & Its Benefits

Do you want to have a successful yoga journey? Want to level up your yoga practice? If yes, you should get a yoga instructor certification. Having a yoga certification is going to help you reach greater heights in your career. So, it would be a great decision on your end to earn a yoga instructor certification. However, people are unaware of how to get it.

Thus, we are here to assist you to get the certification. Apart from that, make sure you get through the following points that represent some of the major benefits of having the yoga certification. With that said, let us first learn how to get the certification. Keep reading.

Preparation Guide for Yoga Certification

To earn the yoga instructor certification, you need to prepare first. Hence, let’s check what you should keep in mind before getting the certificate.

Yoga Alliance Certification

As a beginner, you might feel intimidated when it comes to yoga certifications. So, when the point of selection comes, you should just go with the Yoga Alliance certification. It is by far the best yoga instructor certification in the yoga world. Make sure you don’t choose any other yoga certification no matter how good the terms sound.

Registered Yoga School

Once you have chosen the yoga certification, it is time to join the right yoga school. That is where the registered yoga school comes into play. No matter which school you choose, it should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. That will make you eligible for the Yoga Alliance certification after the completion of your training.

Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course

After the selection of the registered yoga school, you need to join a certified yoga teacher training course. As discussed above, the yoga course has to be certified by the Yoga Alliance. It permits you to apply for the yoga instructor certification once you are done with the course.

How to Get Yoga Instructor Certification?

  • Choose a perfect yoga destination as per your budget
  • Select a registered yoga school
  • Choose the right certified yoga teacher training course
  • Make sure the course selection is based on your level of training
  • Join the yoga class and fulfill all theoretical as well as practical lessons
  • Finish the training course
  • Apply for the certification to the Yoga Alliance

Earning a yoga instructor certification could be a little complex. You must keep in check the eligibility requirements to ensure you don’t lack anything.

The question arises – what is the significance of earning a yoga instructor certification? Can’t you become a yoga teacher without a certification? What good does the certification hold for you? To have answers to all that, get through the following points.

Benefits of Yoga Instructor Certification

Worldwide Access to Teaching

Are you traveling to some other part of the world to earn yoga instructor certification? In that case, you surely will be returning to your home country. If that is the case, you can rest assured about the validity of the yoga certificate.

The Yoga Alliance certification gives you worldwide access to yoga teaching. Hence, that opens door to new opportunities for you.

Access to Weekly Yoga Workshops

Even if you are done with the yoga certification, you can still learn. That is where the weekly workshops come to your rescue. Earning the yoga instructor certification helps you spend your weekends wisely. You get to learn from venerable yoga masters.

Thus, you can always level up your knowledge even when you are teaching yoga as a professional.

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Avail to Online Yoga Material

Constant learning is a major part of the yoga world. You cannot just lie around after becoming a professional yoga expert. Rather, you have to keep gathering more and more knowledge. For that, having an access to the online yoga material is going to help you.

Hence, it is another benefit of the yoga instructor certification.

Become a Yoga Alliance Member

You become a Yoga Alliance member after getting yoga instructor certification certified with the Yoga Alliance. Thus, you can avail of the perks, discounts, and various other benefits that a regular member enjoys. Hence, it will make your professional life a lot easier.


The yoga instructor certification further increases your face value. Therefore, you are going to have a successful career as a yoga teacher.

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