Yoga For Eyes

Yoga For Eyes – Simple Exercises to Increase Eye Vision

You could have heard the phrase ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But have you ever thought what if your precious eyes cannot see one day? Even imagining such a scenario turns your life upside down. Presently, your eyes are used the most with everything going on small screens. Thus, to save your eyes from the impact of blue rays and to improve your vision, practicing yoga for eyes is a perfect choice.

You might be thinking about how yoga can help? Well, it does. There are various yoga techniques that you can use to improve the overall health of your eyes. Below mentioned are a few techniques of yoga for eyes that you must incorporate in your life for better vision and eye health. Keep reading.

Yoga For Eyes Techniques For Better Vision


Staring too much without blinking your eyes puts a lot of stress on your eyes. Thus, you must be blinking eyes to give them some rest.


In case you find it hard to fall asleep, repetitively blinking your eyes can help you rest your eyes. While practicing yoga for eyes, focus on your breath and close your eyes. Keep them shut for a few seconds to calm your eyes.


Does your work require you to focus constantly on a single thing? If so, your eyes have mastered the straight gaze. However, that means that your eyes could be weak when you look sideways or turn your eyes towards either side.


Thus, to strengthen your eye muscles, you should rotate your eyeballs. You can start by rotating in the clockwise direction for a few seconds. Then you can change the direction to anti-clockwise. Go as slow as possible while being aware of your breath.

Sideways Motion

Rotating your eyes helps in improving the strength of your eye muscles. Similarly, the sideways motion of your eyeballs can help you inhibit a change for your eyes. Thus, you should practice the sideways motion technique of yoga for eyes health.

sideways rotation

Look towards your left by keeping your head straight. Slowly move your eyeball to your right by keeping your head fixed to the front. Do not push your eyes such that you feel discomfort. Repeat the sideways motion a few times and then close your eyes for rest.


Body heat can play a vital role in providing a soothing effect to your eyes. For that, you can apply palming technique of yoga for eyes.


Gently rub your palms together until they generate some heat. Then, close your eyes and place your palms on your eyes. Do not press your palms into your eyes. It relaxes the muscles in your eyes and the warmth soothes your eyelids.

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Nose Tip Gaze

Ever heard about focusing your gaze on your nose tip? It is one of the techniques of yoga for eyes that helps your eyes to change focus rapidly. To practice this, raise your hand and make a fist out of it. Take your thumb out of your fist.

nose tip gaze

Focus your gaze on your thumb and slowly bring your thumb near your nose. Once the thumb touches your nose, shift your vision from your thumb to your nose. Keep your focus on your nose for maximum time to improve your eyesight.

Changing Focus

In this technique, you have to change your focus in an instant. Thus, choose few things in front of you placed at a different distance from you. Start by focusing on the thing at the farthest point. In an instant, change your focus to the one nearer than before.

changing focus

This way, move towards the objects kept near you one-by-one. It helps in improving your near and far sight.


The eyes are one of the most important organs of your body that are overused every day. Thus, resting your eyes becomes utterly important. Yoga for eyes techniques ensures your eyesight improves over time. Moreover, these exercises help you maintain your current eye health rather than getting worse with so much over-usage.

Incorporate these techniques in your life to enrich your eyesight.

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