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What Are The 12 Basic Asanas You Learn In Yoga Retreat Center?

A yoga retreat center could help you rejuvenate and refresh your life with the help of yoga. Practicing basic yoga asanas ensures you become more stable and have even growth.

Basic Yoga Asanas That Yoga Retreat Center Teaches You

The following are 12 basic asanas that you can practice for overall wellness.

  • Sitting Forward Bend It tones the abdominal section and improves your digestive system. Sitting forward bending enhances the function of your pancreas. Thus, it regulates the blood sugar level in your body and enhances carbohydrate metabolism.
Sitting Forward Bend


  • Plow Pose It stretches your whole spine. Further, the plow pose opens up your spine discs to ensure the overall flexibility of them. It removes any stiffness from the back and neck muscles. Practicing plow poses regularly cures arthritis of your back. The cervical region of the spine is massaged which leads to the release of stress.
Plow Pose


  • Cobra Pose Practicing a cobra pose strengthens your superficial and deep back muscles. It diminishes any chances of arthritis from the lower back area. Moreover, regular practice of cobra pose tones ovaries and uterus. It could be of great help at the time of menstruation. The cobra pose massages the adrenal gland resulting in the release of tension or stress in-built in them.
Cobra Pose


  • Bow Pose Regular practice of the bow pose cures constipation and other digestive issues. It improves the overall flexibility of the spine. Further, it cures any issue of the legs, knees, and hands. Since the weight is on the stomach, it massages the inner lining. It builds your confidence and cures breathing problems.
Bow Pose


  • Half Spinal Twist It could be a fun-to-do pose at a yoga retreat center. Your digestive organs are stimulated and toned with a regular practice of the pose. It helps in strengthening the back muscles by enhancing their elasticity.
Half Spinal Twist


  • Triangle Pose Practicing the triangle pose promotes the hips’ flexibility. Further, it strengthens the pelvic area along with the legs and arms. The triangle pose promotes the lateral movement of the spine. Thus, it enhances the overall agility of the spine.
Triangle Pose


  • Headstand There is no doubt when it is called the king of asanas. Headstand improves your respiration, enhances your blood circulation, and creates an overall balance in your body. It stimulates pituitary and pineal glands. The inverted stance heals varicose veins and other nervous disorders. You can join a yoga retreat center to learn different techniques to do this pose. 

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  • Crow Pose It strengthens your arms, shoulder, and wrist muscles. Since the legs are in the air, it engages your core muscles as well. It improves your concentration and promotes physical balance in your life.
Crow Pose


  • Standing Forward Bend It stretches out your spine, resulting in increasing the length of your spine. Since the position of your head is lower than your heart, it increases your overall blood supply. It further induces a feeling of lightness when the abdominal fat is removed from your body frame.
Standing Forward Bend


  • Locust Pose It relieves lower back and sciatica pain. Practicing the locust pose massages the pancreas and the internal lining of your stomach. It enhances the flexibility of the cervical region of your back. Moreover, it increases the blood flow to the throat.
Locust Pose


  • Downward Facing Dog Practicing this pose stretches your hamstrings, calves, and strengthens your ankles. Further, it enhances your wrist and shoulder mobility. It decompresses your spine from the daily workload.
Downward Facing Dog


  • Corpse Pose It is more of a meditative stance than a physical pose. Then also it is one of the basic yoga asanas that you learn at a yoga retreat center. From moving your awareness over your body to releasing stress from your body, this pose does it all.
Corpse Pose


Ques. 1 How do I choose a yoga retreat?

Ans. There are many things that you need to look out for before choosing a yoga retreat center. Make sure you check the locations, facilities available, the theme of a yoga retreat, nature excursions, and much more. 

Ques. 2 What is the best yoga teacher training in the world?

Ans. It depends on the level of your yoga practice. If you are a beginner, then 200 hour yoga teacher training is the best choice for you. However, 300 hour is the best for intermediate yoga practitioners. For advanced yoga practitioners, 500 hour yoga teacher training is the best yoga course to master this art. 

Ques. 3 What happens at a wellness retreat?

Ans. Usually, the routine varies of a wellness retreat varies. However, typically there is morning meditation followed by yoga practice, nutritious meals, energy work, yoga therapy, natural excursions, and much more.