Tratak Meditation

Everything You Should Know About Tratak Meditation

Are you facing difficulty in concentrating on a single thing? Well, guess what! We have the perfect remedy for that. Tratak meditation is one of the easiest and most effective meditation forms you should practice. Regular practitioners of Tratak meditation gain serene eyes and saintly patience.

So, if you too wish to have a laser-sharp focus, make sure you practice Tratak meditation. Let us first examine what Tratak is. Then, we will learn about the easiest ways to practice Tratak meditation. Also, do not forget to check out the benefits of practicing Tratak. Read on.

What is Tratak Meditation?

It is a meditation technique that is also known as ‘concentrated gazing’. Tratak meditation is a part of yoga Shatkarmas. These include various cleansing techniques to purify your soul and mind.

Usually, Tratak meditation is commonly known as ‘candle gazing’. In ancient times, this meditation was used to get rid of mental distractions. Moreover, Tratak was practiced to boost the overall concentration by strengthening the eye muscles.

How to Practice Tratak Meditation

Tratak meditation is surely one of the most beneficial yogic practices. Let’s check out simple steps to practice Tratak. Read on.

  • Before practicing Tratak meditation, make sure you have a candle and a matchstick.
  • For better results, you can also use scented candles.
  • Moreover, make sure you have a stand to place under the candle.
  • Once you have set up the place to practice meditation, light the candle.
  • Also, ensure that the candle is placed directly in front of your eyes.
  • It should in alignment with the plain of your sight. Neither up nor down.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and lock your gaze on the candle flame.
  • However, ensure there is nothing close to the flame that could burn.
  • For better results, make sure there is no fan or open window.
  • Keep the flame as stable as possible.
  • Once you are done, extinguish the candle flame.

Benefits of Practicing Tratak Meditation

You might be wondering what good will this exercise do. Well, for that, check out the following benefits of practicing Tratak meditation. Keep reading.

Boosts Concentration

Practicing Tratak meditation is going to boost your concentration. That happens when you keep your focus on a single thing, in this case, the candle flame.

Moreover, with regular practice, your eyes need minimum blinking. Hence, all your focus is going to be on the flame that helps you stay aware and focused on what is at hand.

Stronger Eye Muscles

Focusing on the candle flame strengthens your eye muscles. Moreover, it heals watering eyes that help in keeping your eyes in the best possible shape.

Moreover, with stronger eye muscles, you get rid of pain in and around your eyes. Hence, you get to see the world with beautiful eyes without any pain or issue.

Makes You Mindful

While practicing the Tratak, you become mindful when you become aware of the candle flame. Moreover, it helps you get away from the mental chaos.

Being mindful helps you get in touch with your senses. Hence, you know when to stop thinking or visualize a particular scenario to stay in the elevated state of being.

Sharpens Eyesight

Focusing on the candle flame improves your eyesight. Moreover, it cancels out the effects of the blue screens of digital gadgets that you use.

In short, practicing Tratak meditation helps keep your eyes in perfect shape. Just make sure you do not stress your eyes while focusing on the flame. Do not forget to blink if you feel irritation in the eyes.

Reduces Anger

Anger is one of the major reasons for having bad health, be it physical or mental. With regular practice of Tratak, you become mindful and conscious of whatever is going on in your mind.

Therefore, you learn how to control your mind. Moreover, controlling your anger helps you stay grounded and humble even in the worst situations.

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In a Nutshell

Thus, practicing Tratak meditation has numerous benefits that you get once you make it a part of your routine. However, if you feel like learning it from a yoga master, you can also join a yoga course. That helps you learn the basics of meditation practice that ensures you are always on the right track to having a peaceful and meaningful life.