Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Not every yoga practitioner finds simple breathing in and out helpful when it comes to meditation practice. Some require extra effort to tame their minds. Moreover, some even need a few affirmations or mantras to reprogram their unconscious. Well, all that is available in Transcendental meditation practice.

Let’s have a brief insight into Transcendental meditation before learning about the process of doing Transcendental meditation. Furthermore, we have uncovered some uncommon benefits of practicing Transcendental meditation. Read on.

Transcendental Meditation: A Brief History

The simplest idea around which the art of Transcendental meditation revolves is chanting mantras. A meditation practitioner chants a single mantra in Transcendental meditation for minutes or hours.

Every person receives a different mantra after thoroughly learning about its meaning. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded the practice of Transcendental meditation in 1973. Many believe that Transcendental carries a little resemblance with Mindfulness meditation.

However, Transcendental meditation is completely different in its context.

How to Practice Transcendental Meditation

The art of practicing Transcendental meditation is easy. Check out the following key points that you should keep in mind while practicing Transcendental meditation.

  • Comfort is the key to practice meditation. Thus, make sure you sit in a comfortable position.
  • Every session of meditation goes for 20 minutes. Therefore, do not forget to be alone for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • Once you are settled in a place to practice meditation, breathe into your diaphragm to calm your mind and body.
  • Start chanting a mantra which could be a word or a phrase for the remaining time.
  • Slowly open your eyes once you are done with the mediation practice.

There you go! This is the simplest meditation practice that you can do to remain mindful and observe your thoughts. Moreover, Transcendental practice ensures you get control over the unconscious mind with the repetition of mantras.

Benefits of Practicing Transcendental Meditation

With that said, let’s have a brief outlook on some of the uncommon benefits of practicing Transcendental meditation. Keep reading.

Boost Productivity

Productivity depends on how creative are you or how easily can you solve a problem or issue in your way. However, since everyone seems in a bit of hurry, they are always engulfed in insignificant things. This does not let your productivity boost up.

Practicing Transcendental ensures you ponder over a single thought for some time. This way, you are hinting your subconscious mind to look for a solution for the said issue. Thus, you get plenty of ways to solve a problem without even looking for the answer. In short, practicing meditation boosts your productivity.

Better Pain Management

Various receptors in your brain signal your body when any pain occurs. However, when you suffer from a particular disease or chronic pain, similar circuits become automatic in your body. In that case, you might feel pain even when you are in perfect condition.

With Transcendental meditation practice, your body breaks the cycle of pain or disease. Your brain builds new connections so that you feel fresh and in optimum health. Moreover, regular meditation practice helps in better pain management which is good for your overall health.

Improves Mental & Physical Health

Mind and body work in harmony whether you agree or not. Whenever any one of the two entities suffers, it affects the other also. Whenever you are physically tired, your brain stops functioning in its peak state.

Thus, you are suggested to practice Transcendental meditation so that you get control of your mind and body. Not just that, you become closer to your body and mind which helps you learn what they need in a particular situation.

Reprograms Subconscious Mind

This is one of the major benefits of practicing Transcendental meditation. You get to reprogram your subconscious mind. This means you get to break the old cycles, beliefs, or patterns set in your mind. This helps you live a fresh life after every session.

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In a Nutshell

Transcendental meditation is surely one of the best and easiest meditation types you can practice. Moreover, it is the most effective meditation practice that helps you bypass all the negative entities in your mind. This helps you live a new and healthy life over time.

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