yoga vacation
  • November 19, 2020

Why Going On A Yoga Vacation Is Important?

Do you need a reason to convince yourself to go on a yoga vacation? If so, then maybe you are doubtful whether practicing yoga can help you. However, you can rest assured

Spiritually Heal Yourself With a Yoga Retreat Vacation
  • September 15, 2020

Spiritually Heal Yourself With a Yoga Retreat Vacation

Yoga retreat vacations are becoming quite popular these days. In recent times, the share of people practicing yoga in the US raised from 9.5% to 14.3% in adults, whereas

% different pose of yoga retreat
  • July 29, 2020

5 Yoga Poses to Relax Your Mind

Looking to relax your mind? When it comes to attaining a balance between the mind and the body, yoga lives up to its name. From making you physically fit to relax your mi

Ayurveda retraet
  • July 10, 2020

Top Benefits of an Ayurveda Retreat in India

Ayurveda has been developed by the ancient sages of India over 5000 years ago. Originated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’. Basically, it e