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A Brief Guide to Sound Healing Benefits And Types

Sound Healing Benefits – Do you feel relaxed after listening to your favorite song? Well, do you know the reason? It is because the music works on a certain frequency that improves your physical and emotional health. Also known as sound healing, music therapy consists of various elements. Thus, sound healing benefits you in the best possible way.

Let’s have a brief idea about what is sound healing before moving on to different types of sound therapies. Check out various sound healing benefits that lead to overall wellness. Read on.

Sound Healing: A Brief Intro

Sound healing uses various vibrations and frequencies that work on your mind and body. The core idea that works behind sound healing is that it raises the vibrations of your body to a higher state of awareness.

In short, sound healing benefits you by calming your mind if you are agitated and raising your frequency in case you are feeling low. Hence, anyone can benefit from sound healing when done under proper guidance and mentorship.

Different Types of Sound Healing

Let’s explore different types of sound healing therapies so that you can understand which one might be beneficial for you.

Guided Meditation

In Guided Meditation sound healing, a person meditates as per the instructions given by a yoga trainer, recorded voice, or an app. Meditation could consist of mantras, affirmations, or prayers revolving around your intention.

Singing Bowls

singing bowls

Chinese Singing Bowls are generally used in sound healing therapy. In this method, a person uses a gong to produce a sound that works on your mind and body. The best point of Singing Bowls is that it focuses on different energy points. This form of sound healing benefits you by balancing energy flow in your body.

Neurologic Music Therapy

Various physical rehabs use Neurologic music therapy that caters to the needs of a person. It relaxes and soothes your senses and helps in de-stressing your senses. Studies have shown that music therapy is much more effective than conservative medicines prescribed by medical officials.

Bonny Method

Also known as Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), the Bonny method is named after a renowned scholar, Helen L. Bonny. In this method, classical imagery and music are used for people suffering from various ailments. This form of sound healing benefits you by working on your unconscious.


Nordoff-Robbins is a two-year music program. Hence, this type of sound healing therapy is only delivered by people who have completed the two-year course. The major concern of the Nordoff Robbins method is children and their parents, especially children facing developmental delays.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy

As depicted from the name itself, tuning forks are used in tuning fork therapy. They vibrate at different frequencies and then used for different body parts. It releases muscles tension and enhances emotional balance in a person.

Sound Healing Benefits

Balances Brainwaves

The human brain has electric circuits that operate at different frequencies. When a person is agitated or low, the brainwaves are all mixed up. However, sound healing benefits by calming them down and creating a proper channel. Hence, you think, observe, and perceive better once you calm yourself.

Releases Stress

Stress could be physical, mental, or emotional that ruffles up your thinking abilities and reactionary patterns. Sound therapy releases stress and mental tension with the help of various frequencies and vibrations. This way, your mind doesn’t give much importance to unimportant things rather focuses on what is important.

Lowers Heart Ailments

The mind is the control unit that overlooks every possible chain reaction in your body. On the other hand, the heart works as per the demand and instructions of the mind. If your mind is ruffled up and not in the right state, your heart will be at risk. Hence, sound healing benefits you with balanced blood pressure for optimum performance.

Improves Memory

The human mind works unconsciously ninety percent of the time. That is only possible when your memory is strong and your mind can register things at a much faster pace. Otherwise, you will spend the majority of your time doing little things. Sound therapy improves your memory that helps your mind works on auto-pilot.

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Wrap Up
Sound healing benefits you not just mentally but also physically. Therefore, you should listen to your favorite music that inspires or motivates you. Not just that, make music a part of your life to live a happy and happening life.