Get Yoga Alliance Certified Easily

Simple Tips To Get Yoga Alliance Certified

Been practicing yoga for a while now? Want to level up your yoga practice? If so, getting Yoga Alliance certified can be a perfect option for you.

However, before you roll on forward to explore how can you become Yoga Alliance certified, you need to know what Yoga Alliance is. Read the following to expand your knowledge about Yoga Alliance.

What Is Yoga Alliance?

It is a US-based non-profitable organization that overlooks the international standards of yoga. Moreover, yoga schools registered with the Yoga Alliance have high stature in the yoga world.

Yoga Alliance ensures that you learn the authentic form of yoga. Moreover, it concentrates on the propulsion of true yoga. Also, the Yoga Alliance ensures that every yoga school has some basic facilities for its students. It helps you in having a perfect yoga journey.

How To Get Yoga Alliance Certified

Join Certified Yoga School

The very first thing that you need to do to become Yoga Alliance certified is to join a yoga school. Keep in mind that the yoga school of your choice should be registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Thus, when you join a certified yoga school, you can rest assured to learn yoga in its true essence. Many yoga schools tend to have hidden course costs once you are enrolled with them. However, that does not happen with Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools.

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Enroll In A Registered Yoga Course

Once you have selected a yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance, next comes selecting a yoga course. There are many yoga teacher training courses registered with the Yoga Alliance. However, you need to be sure that the yoga course that you have chosen is Yoga Alliance certified.

Sometimes, yoga schools tend to provide yoga courses that are not registered with the Yoga Alliance. They might provide you with the certification but that won’t be by the Yoga Alliance. Therefore, double-check the yoga course that you have selected. Ensure that it is Yoga Alliance certified.

Complete Yoga Teacher Training

After you have come across everything, you need to join a yoga teacher training course registered with the Yoga Alliance.

There are various yoga teacher training courses that you can choose from according to the level of your yoga practice. There is a 200 hour yoga teacher training course that is perfect for beginner yoga practitioners. It is the Yoga Alliance certified YTT program.

Then there is a 300 hour yoga teacher training course for intermediate yoga practitioners. Usually, to join a 300 Hour yoga teacher training course, you need to complete a 200 Hour YTT course. However, that is not mandatory. You can show your potential to the respective authorities to join the 300 Hour YTT course.

The most advanced yoga course is 500 Hour Yoga teacher training. You can enroll in this program if you want to upgrade your 300 Hour YTT course. More importantly, this yoga course is the perfect option for you to become a great yoga master with in-depth knowledge of yoga.

Get Registered With Yoga Alliance

To get Yoga Alliance certified, you need to complete the yoga teacher training course. You automatically become a member of the Yoga Alliance on the completion of the YTT course.

Moreover, you need to complete continuous studies every three years to remain a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

Summing Up

There are many things that you need to consider before enrolling in a yoga teacher training course. When you do that, you can have a perfect yoga journey to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.

Moreover, a vast field of opportunities and possibilities opens up when you become a member of the Yoga Alliance. From having a great platform to start your yoga journey to getting more exposure in the yoga community, the Yoga Alliance offers you much more.

Thus, you can achieve the peak of your career by becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance.

Ques 1) What is Yoga Alliance certification?

Ans) It is a yoga certification accredited by the Yoga Alliance upon completion of your yoga teacher training course. Thus, a yoga practitioner is given RYT certification when he graduates from an RYS.

Ques 2 ) Is Yoga Alliance certification necessary?

Ans) Absolutely! If you want to become a certified yoga instructor, you need the Yoga Alliance certification. Furthermore, if you want to teach at a registered yoga school, you are going to need the Yoga Alliance certification. 

Ques 3) Does a yoga certification expire?

Ans) Yes! It does. That is why yoga practitioners need to complete continuing education after every three years. This is to ensure that you remain updated on the latest education in the yoga world. Moreover, it extends the expiration date of your yoga certification.