RYT 200 Meaning – Importance of 200 YTT

Want to become a registered yoga teacher? Are you ready to take up the mantle of a certified yoga teacher? You should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training to dive deeper into the spiritual art of yoga. But, first you should understand the RYT 200 meaning before taking the leap.

Put simply, the RYT, known as Registered Yoga Teacher is a merit you earn once your yoga teacher training and experience matches those set by Yoga Alliance.

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RYT 200 Meaning

Firstly, let us understand the RYT 200 meaning.

RYT 200 is a certificate which earns you goodwill in the yoga teaching circle. In short, it is an invaluable asset which helps you pursue career as a certified yoga teacher.

Moreover, enrolling in a certified yoga school and completing the basic 200 YTT course gets you listed in the Yoga Alliance online directory as an RYT. Don’t know what Yoga Alliance is?

Yoga Alliance is a not-for-profit organization which has laid down the standards and protocols for teaching yoga around the world.

Want to know who is an RYT? Keep reading.

Who is an RYT?

The RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) is someone who have completed their yoga teacher training from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. For you to become an RYT, the first step is to enroll and complete the RYT 200 program.

Keep in mind, RYT 200 is a beginner-level of yoga teacher training which offers you the basic understanding of yoga. It lays down a solid foundation for your future as a certified yoga teacher.

Do you know the vast benefits of a 200 hour yoga teacher training? Read below to find out.

3 Major Benefits of 200 Hour YTT

If you want to understand how the 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you evolve on a mental and spiritual level, read on.

1. Connects to Your True Self

The 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you learn all about yoga breathing. Breathing helps you practice meditation and solidify the connection between mind and body. It also helps you connect with true inner self.

In the long run, learning and practicing numerous yoga techniques under the guidance of yoga teachers is what helps you dive deeper into your mind.

2. Deepens Personal Yoga Practice

If you have been practicing yoga for sometime, enrolling in the yoga teacher training makes sense. It helps you dive deeper into personal yoga practice which goes beyond the physical level. By learning and practicing different yoga techniques the YTT course helps you understand yoga beyond the physical asanas and Pranayama.

3. Form Lifelong Connections

The yoga teacher training is a place for you to learn and connect with other yoga lovers. Certified yoga schools have an environment that brings students together which leads to cultural and knowledge exchange.

Moreover, based on a common passion and love for yoga, you are at an advantage of connecting with other people without much hassle.

However, to become a registered yoga teacher, you do need to follow the right steps.

5 Steps to Becoming an RYT

Yoga experts have come up with five steps to help you enroll in a 200 YTT without any hassle.

  • The first step is to shortlist a couple of yoga schools and finalize one amongst them. Yoga experts recommend you choose a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn from the best.
  • Next is when you book a seat at the yoga school. Choose a place which has certified yoga teachers and amenities expected from a certified yoga school.
  • Congratulations on enrolling in the YTT course! Now is the time for you to let go of all preconcieved notions about yoga. To truly learn and embrace yoga, you must enter the class with a clear mind.
  • Commit yourself to the process of learning everything about yoga. Immerse yourself into this holistic learning and ask the teachers in case of any doubts or questions.
  • Done with the training? Congratulations! Now is the time to register with Yoga Alliance and realize your dream of becoming an RYT.

Remember, now is your time to spread and share this love for yoga with others.

Apart from this, you need to make some little changes to become an RYT 200.

  • Be positive
  • Do not restrict yourself to yoga asanas
  • Connect with the students and teachers
  • Do not miss out a single session of yoga practice
  • Include Pranayama and meditation in daily yoga practice

Want to become a certified yoga teacher? You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn everything about yoga apart from its physical aspects.

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Want to know the complete RYT 200 meaning? Refer to this guide on how the 200 hour YTT can alter your life. Make sure you enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified school to learn this spiritual art under expert guidance.