Qigong Healing

Qigong Healing For Beginners: Types & Major Benefits

Do you want to heal your body with some breathwork? If so, Qigong healing therapy is perfect for you. It relaxes and heals your body from heal to toes without putting any pressure on your body. With that said, let’s first understand a bit about Qigong healing before heading on to its various types and benefits.

Check out a brief description of Qigong healing therapy that will help you understand it much better. Read on.

Qigong Healing: A Brief Introduction

Generally pronounced as ‘Chee Gong”, Qigong healing consists of various controlled breathing patterns along with gentle hand movement. Furthermore, it combines breathing with a meditation practice that provides you physical, mental, and spiritual prowess.

‘Qi’ is roughly translated to ‘vital life force’ whereas ‘Gong’ signifies mastery. Therefore, Qigong healing revolves around the idea of the cultivation of energy throughout the body for better health. More emphasis is paid to the generation of natural energy in the human body and mind.

Types of Qigong Healing

Out of numerous forms of Qigong healing therapy, two types are widely practiced throughout the world. Active Qigong (Dynamic) & Passive Qigong. Let’s explore the two types of Qigong healing individually to understand them better.

Active Qigong Healing

Active Qigong healing is also known as ‘Dong Gong’. It consists of various intentional and active movements to generate the Yang energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang energy signifies the active form of energy that strengthens your mind and body.

Further, Active Qigong healing includes the repetition of various gentle movements to detox blood and lymphatic system. It balances your muscles growth and improves your flexibility. Moreover, practicing the Active Qigong healing makes you mindful of your body and the space surrounding you.

Passive Qigong Healing

Practicing Passive Qigong healing leads to the cultivation of the Yin energy in your mind and body. In contrast to Active healing, passive healing combines stillness, silence, and mental focus. There is no movement in your physical body.

Rather, the whole focus goes to the mental activation of the Yin energy. It could also resemble the traditional practice of meditation in which breath is under focus.

Benefits of Practicing Qigong Healing

With that said, let’s have a glimpse of the various benefits of practicing Qigong healing therapy. Read on.

Improve Balance

The slower body movements help in improving your overall balance. Being aware of your body ensures you know about the limit of your body. Thus, you learn to manipulate your body without any hassle.

Moreover, practicing the Qigong healing therapy equally distributes the energy in your mind and body. Hence, not a single entity takes it for granted or misuse the energy.

Lower Stress Levels

Controlled movements and breathing helps in lowering stress levels. Gentle movements bring your attention to the present moment or the body movement. Therefore, you no longer remain clouded with meaningless thoughts.

Lower stress levels make your mind and body happy and healthy. Your sensory perception improves with the consistent practice of Qigong healing therapy.

Minimize Risk of Chronic Ailments

Sometimes faster or intense body movements could lead to injury or pain. However, Qigong healing therapy has slower and gentle movements. Therefore, it helps you gain a deeper insight into how you move your body.

Hence, it minimizes any risk of chronic ailments. Moreover, deeper breathing while practicing this healing therapy ensures you remain in touch with your inner being. Hence, it enhances the detoxification process without any additional impact on your body.

Enhance Focus

Focus is one of the major points that you should keep in mind while practicing yoga. Moreover, Qigong healing therapy’s gentle movements require a laser-sharp focus. That might not be possible on day one. However, with consistent practice, you become aware of the minutest movement of your body.

Bringing your focus into the current moment ensures you never get lost in the mental chaos. Therefore, you are always in the present moment when you practice Qigong healing therapy.

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Sum Up

Qigong healing therapy is one of the most versatile yogic practices. It improves you mentally and physically so that you are always in a strong connection with yourself. Furthermore, you become a strong being with a sharp mind and an awakened soul.

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