Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing For Beginners: A Complete Guide

Energy is one of the most important elements of healing. Whether you talk about Pranic Healing or Reiki Healing, prana is vital in both. However, it depends on how a healer utilizes his or her energy to heal others. When it comes to Pranic Healing, the results are astounding.

Have a look at the meaning of Pranic Healing. Also, know which are various forms of prana through which your body harness energy. By the end, read about the benefits of practicing it.

What is Pranic Healing?

Using energy to heal, harmonize, balance, and cure a human body comes under Pranic Healing. The basic idea behind Pranic Healing is the transfer of energy from a healer’s body to the other person. Moreover, Pranic Healing uses hand gestures, motions, and movements to heal the other person.

In spirituality, energy is one of the most vital elements that support life. Without it, nothing exists. Therefore, healing is done by flushing out negative, stale, or energy stuck inside your body and positive energy is transferred to your body.

Sources of Prana Energy

If that seems a little vague, read about the following sources of prana. Your body absorbs energy mainly from these sources.


Sunlight is the primary source of Solar energy. A few good examples that improve the intake of solar energy are sunbathing, sun gazing, or the consumption of water exposed to sunlight for a longer time.


The energy present in the air comes under this category. The human body breathes to absorb the air energy. However, since it is omnipresent, energy centers in the body also absorb the air energy. Pores on your skin are also a great source to absorb air. Thus, the best way is to practice deep and slow breathing exercises.


The earth or ground gives energy to your body. There are smaller energy points or pressure points present in feet that help in the absorption of the ground energy. What you can do is to walk barefoot on grass or sand to gain this energy.

All the above-mentioned energies are there to balance your body and mind. Moreover, they energize the human soul so that it remains attached to nature.

Benefits of Practicing Pranic Healing

Inner Peace

The presence of thoughts or emotions in your psyche creates turmoil in your head. It could lead to severe mental issues such as anxiety or depression. However, it helps in removing such thoughts that help you feel relaxed and at peace.

Pranic Healing removes the mental clutter so that you know what to think and how to stop overthinking.

Stronger Intuition

The energy exchange helps you feel closer to your inner being. Not just that, it ensures that you listen to what energize your mind. Pranic Healing makes your intuition strong that ensures you never get lost in the mental chatter.

Moreover, you become aware of what is wrong or right for you. It helps you take good decision in life that saves you from getting all ruffled up in your life.

Treat Ailments

The stale energy present inside your body gives birth to plenty of ailments. For instance, a single thought could lead to depression, overthinking, or stress. Hence, to be on the safer side, Pranic Healing removes the stale energy out of your body.

Not just that, it creates space that can be utilized to think positively. This surely flushes out various mental as well as physical ailments out of your life. Hence, you become healthier over time.

Spiritual Awareness

Spirituality teaches you to be humble, kind, lovable, and feel gratitude towards what you have. It also preaches about Karma and how it is going to decide your life. When you have Pranic Healing, things that are distracting your mind fades away.

Pranic Healing enhances the spiritual energy that helps you connect with the Divine power. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to raise your awareness in life.

Stronger Immunity

Where on the one hand energy creates life, on the other hand, it protects the present life. That means Pranic Healing strengthens your immunity by curbing germs and various diseases. Hence, you live a healthier life devoid of various ailments.

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Wrap Up

Some people might feel doubtful that how energy exchange can help so much. However, when they experience Pranic Healing, they start believing in its power. So, if you want to excel in every field of life, just cleanse your energy with Pranic Healing and live a perfect life.

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