Morning Meditation

Beginner’s Guide to Early Morning Meditation

If there is one thing you should know about meditation is that it’s an ancient yogic technique. Yes! Meditation has been in practice for thousands of years, first by spiritual seekers and yogis and in the present-day by yoga practitioners. It releases all the stress and invite happiness and positivity into your life. It is why morning meditation is often recommended by medical professionals to individuals experiencing stress in daily life.

Daily practice of meditation helps you form a solid mind-body connection and enter a deeper state of relaxation. Moreover, including meditation in your daily routine has shown some wonderful results. Read further to know how this ancient practice helps you enjoy good health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Morning Meditation

As stated above, daily meditation practice is beneficial in helping you get rid of numerous mental and physical health issues.

With that said, let us look at the three major health benefits of morning meditation practice.

1. Minimizes Stress & Anxiety

If stress has become a part of your daily routine, it will be harder for you to focus in the present moment. However, a few minutes of early morning meditation practice goes a long way in helping you get rid of unnecessary stress and anxiety. The reason? Meditation reduces the reactivity of the amygdala, part of the brain responsible for stress response.

2. Improves Productivity & Focus

There are celebrities like Ophrah Winfrey who swear by the benefits of morning meditation in helping them get in the right mindset for the day ahead. The long-term practice of this powerful yogic technique has been shown to improve productivity and focus. It helps you give your best in every task throughout the day.

3. Improves Overall Mood

A mere 10 minutes of daily meditation in the early morning goes a long way in improving your mood and minimizing stress levels. You get a good amount of mood boost which affects other areas of your life positively.

However, for you to experience these wonderful benefits of morning meditation, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Elements of Morning Meditation

There are some common elements found in every type of meditation practice.

Keeping the last statement in mind, let us now focus on the different elements of a morning meditation session.

1. Focused Attention

The most important element of a morning meditation session is an unwavering focus. It frees your mind from the numerous distractions which are often the cause of stress and worry.

2. Relaxed Breathing

This is the technique of deep breathing which you practice by using the diaphragm to expand your lungs. The purpose behind relaxed breathing is to slow down the breathing speed, inhale more oxygen, minimize the use of neck, shoulders, and upper chest muscles.

3. A Quiet Place

As a beginner, you find it easier to start the morning meditation session without any distractions. Having a quiet place devoid of any noise centers your mind and focuses it on the meditation session.

4. A Relaxed Position

Whether you are sitting, lying down, walking, or carrying out any other activity, meditation is possible. However, yoga experts recommend that for morning meditation to work, you should maintain a steady and comfortable posture.

5. An Open Attitude

During a morning meditation session, there would be thousands of thoughts that distract you from the practice. However, keep in mind that meditation does not stop the thinking process of your brain, which is not possible at all. You should just observe the thoughts and let them pass through without any judgment.

As a beginner, you might be a bit confused about how to proceed with the morning meditation session. Don’t worry! Meditation experts have come up with a few simple tips to kickstart this practice.

Tips For Effective Morning Meditation Session

Starting early morning meditation is the best thing you can do for personal well-being and good health.

To help you start practicing this ancient yogic technique, given below are a few simple techniques.

1. Get Comfortable

You should take some time in getting out of bed and then sit in the dedicated place for meditation. It can be the terrace, a separate room, or simply outside on the lawn. Whatever be the place make sure you sit in a comfortable position.

2. Let Go of Distractions

Keep in mind, for morning meditation to work, you should practice it within a few minutes of waking up. Do not check your phone or work emails as those prevent your mind from entering the right mindset for the practice.

3. Keep Practicing

Yoga experts recommend that you wake up every day at the same time. It helps you keep up with the meditation practice. With time, you will start noticing a change in how you think, feel, and behave.

4. Be Gentle with Yourself

At times, you would find it hard to concentrate during the morning meditation session. It is okay. Be kind to yourself even if you miss a day or two of meditation as that helps you keep up the commitment towards meditation.

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Do you want to let go of stress and start every day with renewed energy and enthusiasm? It is time you make morning meditation a part of your daily routine. You can enroll in a certified meditation program to learn everything about this powerful yogic technique.