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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Favorite Poses of Yoga During Pregnancy

“My God! Look how gorgeous she is!” “How has she managed herself even during pregnancy?” Everyone was stunned to see Kareena Kapoor Khan when she shared her pregnancy pics. The internet was flooded with questions and inquiries about her workout schedule. What everyone didn’t knew was that she practiced yoga during pregnancy.

The effects of practicing yoga during pregnancy are visible on her body. She practiced diligently without missing a day. If you want to have such a fabulous, toned, and flexible physique, you should also do some yoga.

Top Poses of Yoga During Pregnancy: Kareena’s Pick

Here are some of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s favorite poses of yoga during pregnancy that helped her have a pain-free pregnancy. Keep reading.

Cobra Pose

How do you think Kareena is so flexible? She is a huge fan of cobra pose. Even before pregnancy, she used to practice a lot and lot of cobra pose sequences. Cobra poses stretches your spine, chest, abdominal area, and quads.

It further massages your hamstrings, scapula, and shoulder muscles. Hence, your overall flexibility improves with regular practice of the cobra pose. It is a much safer to practice this yoga asana during pregnancy.

Mountain Pose

Have you seen Kareena Kapoor simply standing on her yoga mat with her eyes closed? She wasn’t standing idle but practicing the mountain pose. It is one of the safest and most effective poses of yoga during pregnancy.

All you have to do is to stand on your feet and distribute your weight evenly on them. Position your one hand on your heart. Also, you should place the other hand on your stomach. Simply breathe in through your nose and into your diaphragm. It improves your focus and calms your senses.

Easy Pose

Meditation is important whether you are pregnant or not. Kareena meditated a lot while sitting in an easy pose during her pregnancy . It also serves as cooling down yoga pose after you have stretched or practiced other physical movements.

Practicing easy pose helps cool down your mind and body. Hence, it puts a positive impact on the growth of your child. So, it is one of the best poses of yoga during pregnancy that works on your mind.

Camel Pose

Pregnancy adds pressure to your back because a woman has to carry a baby in her womb. The body has to shift extra weight on the spine. That is where the camel pose comes into action. It relieves tension from the spine and improves core strength.

The camel pose opens your shoulder and chest area. It helps you have a perfect posture that can help you sit, walk, and live with your head high.

Superman Plank Pose

When you get pregnant, your body weight increases. Pregnancy puts a tonne of weight on your thighs and knees. Moreover, pregnancy also puts a lot of stress on your hip joints. So, to improve your leg strength and mobility of your joints, you should practice this pose.

It trains your body to adjust with a child in your stomach. The superman plank improves your overall body balance. Also, it increases your shoulder strength and hip mobility.


There is no harm in practicing yoga during pregnancy. However, make sure you practice yoga under medical supervision or a certified yoga instructor. The aim is to make you more flexible, fit, pain-free, mobile, and strong during pregnancy.

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You need to further consider any health issues in mind. It helps you practice safely without harming your health or without risking the health of your child. Whether it is Kareena Kapoor Khan or Anushka Sharma, everyone is unique. So, practice yoga according to your comfort and have a safe and healthy delivery.