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Improve Your Club Swings With Yoga for Golfers

There was a time when only spiritual seekers had access to the sacred knowledge of yoga. With time, yoga came out of the confines of ashrams and found its way to the modern world. These days it forms a major part of every athlete’s workout. It is why yoga for golfers has become quite popular.

But, before we move further let us take a look at the biomechanics of a golf swing.

Biomechanics of Golf Swing

Understanding the biomechanics of a golf swing helps you a lot. It provides an idea about the body parts you need to focus in a yoga routine. Working on these body parts improve your swings and reduce the chances of a risk.

Given below is a breakdown of the different types of golf swings.


During the hold, you relax the important muscles but are ready to flex the same in an instant. In the backswing you shift the weight to your back leg, engage your hip and thigh muscles in the back leg. You develop tension in these muscle groups that store potential energy for the swing.


This is when you move from backswing to downswing, you change the engagement of muscles. In transition you engage the lower back, hip, and side ab muscles. This transfers and increases the stored energy. Practicing yoga for golfers can help keep this energy steady.


Coming down in the downswing, you engage muscles in your upper and lower body. This converts the stored energy into explosive kinetic energy. You also start to engage the muscles in both legs and front abs.


Now when you head for the stroke you add on your shoulder and upper back muscles. As you complete the stroke and arm rotation, it relaxes the majority of your muscles. Only your shoulders and upper back muscles absorb the recoil shock. The yoga for golfers can help you prepare for a winning strike.

That is not all! There are some major benefits to practicing yoga for golfers.

Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

Daily practice of yoga optimizes and improves your performance on the golf course.

That said, given below are 4 major benefits of doing yoga for golfers.

1. Increase Flexibility

With daily practice of yoga, your tight muscles start to loosen up. This helps improve your golf swings. Many yoga for golfers asanas help you perform full range of motion. This helps you execute a powerful strike on the golf course.

2. Improves Endurance

In yoga poses you have to hold certain body posture for some time. In the long run, this helps improve your endurance. More endurance helps you perform better on the golf course.

3. Increased Strength

The yoga for golfers does a great job at increasing your strength. There are many yoga poses that work on your core strength which improves your swings on the field.

4. More Stability

Yoga has many exercises and techniques. Some of these work on your body balance and stability. So, if you ever have to hit the ball in an awkward position, your body is ready to do it.

To reap these benefits from yoga for golfers you have to practice the right yoga asanas.

Best Yoga for Golfers Poses

The yoga for golfers has many exercises that work on your shoulders, spine, abs, hips, and thighs.

Given below are some of the best yoga poses you can practice to improve the golf game.

1. Eagle Pose

In golf the kinetic energy travels out of your body through the shoulders. Eagle pose is the best yoga exercise for your shoulders and upper back. It also balances the other muscles in your body. Eagle pose also benefits your thigh muscles.

2. Crane Pose

The best yoga for golfers that deals with golfer’s elbow. It provides your shoulders and upper body with impressive strength. This yoga exercise offers your body explosive power to absorb the golf’s recoil hit.

3. Downward Dog Twist

Downward Dog pose provides strength to your spine. The normal variation of this yoga exercise increases the agility of your entire body. But, adding the twist lets your spine withstand greater pressured twists in golf.


Do you want to improve the swinging power in golf? Make sure you include these yoga for golfers exercise in your daily routine. These provide your body with the strength and endurance that is expected of a golf player.

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