Meditation To Manage Anger

How To Practice Meditation To Manage Anger

Are you feeling aggressive now and then? Do you get angry even at petty issues? Have you tried meditation to manage anger? Regular yoga practitioners know the value of the consistent practice of meditation.

Reasons For Feeling Aggressive

Chronic Pain

Practicing meditation to manage anger is one of the best ways to heal chronic pain. When you suffer from various sorts of pain, you never get to relax completely. Thus, you are always engulfed in thinking and feeling what you have are going through. Therefore, you feel aggressive because of all the emotional roller coaster you are going through.


There are so many things in life that are beyond human grasp. Moreover, there are various situations in which you become helpless. Thus, you get angry at the very thought of not able to do anything. The state of utter confusion leads to a feeling of anger and frustration.


Thinking is good when done constructively. However, overthinking is harmful and derogatory that makes you think about the things that don’t even exist in the first place. Overthinking never allows your mind to rest and relax completely.

Stress & Tension

Mental and physical stress is something that you need to remove from your body, so that, you can work in perfect sync. However, stress leads to the birth of negative emotions and feelings that make you angry and irritated at times.

Why Practice Meditation To Manage Anger

With so much that can ruffle up your mental mechanisms, it becomes necessary to incorporate meditation to manage anger in your routine.

Stress Release

Practicing meditation to manage anger helps you release anger and other destructive thoughts from your mind. It further ensures that you don’t get involved in other thoughts that never allow your mind to have adequate rest.

Therefore, with regular practice, your stress, anxiety, overthinking, and other negative emotions are released. In turn, you become tension-free and get to know how to respond adequately to different circumstances.

Calm Your Senses

Your body is so complex that various senses play a crucial role in determining how your mental state will be. Thus, you seem always lost under the influence of your senses.

Practicing meditation to manage anger helps you to get in touch with your senses. Moreover, you get to know how various things affect your natural response system. Over time, you learn to gain control over your senses, so that, you are never deciding things under the effect of manipulation of your senses.

Cure Chronic Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, you can neither rest completely nor enjoy the crucial moments of your life. Thus, you are always groaning with pain, unable to keep up with your routine.

Practicing meditation to manage anger helps your mind helps you shift your focus from pain to other things. With consistent meditation practice, your mind learns to ignore the pain, making it easy to bear the pain. Over time, you won’t even know if something is bothering you or not.

Hormonal Balance

Hormones play a crucial role in deciding how you respond to various favorable and unfavorable conditions in life. When you flow with your emotions, there are various situations in life when you cross your limits.

Meditation to manage anger ensures that you never move loosely with your emotions and feelings. Moreover, you also learn to restrict your unconscious response, so that, you can break the cycle of automatic decision-making of your brain.

End Note

Meditation to manage anger provides you a glimpse of what you can control or restrict in order not to bury under negative emotions or feelings. It is said, you become more observant, easy to think out of the box, and reconstruct your mental structure. You can also join a meditation retreat to learn more about meditation practices.


Ques. 1 Is meditation good for anger management?

Ans. Meditation practices lower your mental activity, remove negative emotions & feelings, and soothes your senses. Hence, you learn how to control your anger or aggression. 

Ques. 2 How do you control anger?

Ans.  A person feels anger when he or she has some pent-up emotions or feelings. Thus, to control anger, you must learn how to get rid of negative emotions. For that, you can practice deep breathing, counting to 10, or practice meditation. 

Ques. 3 Is anger a mental illness?

Ans.  There are many things that could lead to anger. Further, the feeling of helplessness or aggression can give birth to anger. Therefore, it is not a mental illness rather various things add on to make a person agitated, irritated, aggressive, or angry.