Focused Meditation

Everything You Need to Know About Focused Meditation

How often do you take a break from your tiring routine? If not often, you might end up burning yourself out. So, to enjoy life and have a perfect work-life balance, you should incorporate a focused meditation practice into your routine.

The art of meditation practice has been around for centuries. Earlier, it was only reserved for serious yoga practitioners or spiritual practitioners. However, in contemporary times, the tsunami of information facilitated everyone practices meditation.

With that said, let us have a look at what does focused meditation mean. Further, check out the steps to practice the focused meditation. Read on.

What is Focused Meditation?

The focused meditation is one of the best meditation practices that offer you quick stress relief. In this meditation practice, your focus or attention shifts to an object and stays over it. Moreover, the attention could even shift to a sound or a sensation.

Hence, the focused meditation helps you get relaxed with the help of an object rather than scanning the abyss. The best thing about this type of meditation is that you do not need a guide to practice it. Rather, it can be done anytime and anywhere.

The crucial point around which the focused meditation revolves is an object. Hence, you get a perfect chance to stay mindful without doing anything exceptional.

How to Practice Focused Meditation?

With that said, let’s have a glimpse at some easier steps to practice focused meditation. Keep reading.

Select a Target

As a beginner, you can start by focusing on your breath. It would be an easy and comfortable position to begin with.

If not, you can also pick some other object. For instance, a sound coming from a distance, ticking of a clock, sounds present around you, a point in a distance, a beam of light, and anything on which you can focus.

Moreover, you can also chant affirmations or mantras in case you find it hard to focus on any object.

Mend Your Pose

You should mend your posture to practice focused meditation. The most important point you should know is which pose to choose.

Furthermore, you should be comfortable in the chosen posture for meditation practice. In case you find it hard to sit straight, you should get the support of a nearby wall.

Relax Your Body

Relaxing your body is the first step towards reaching a deeper level while practicing meditation. For that, you need to do deep breathing. However, make sure you breathe slowly and focus more on loosening up your muscles.

Further, keep your body as relaxed as possible so that there is no tension building up in your body. Over time, you will be relaxed and achieve better clarity of thoughts.

Be Aware of the Target

Once you have settled down, bring your attention to the target chosen. This is the first step towards practicing focused meditation. Whatever the object is, make sure you are mindful of it.

In case it is something you need to see, you can practice it with open eyes. In that case, you should try focusing on the object and blink the least. The idea is to bypass your thinking and completely become one with the object.

Let There Be Calm

A quiet mind is key to have a deeper state of meditation. Therefore, you should think of nothing and just keep your consciousness on the object chosen. Silencing the mental chatter is going to pull you out of your mental chaos.

Distancing yourself from all the mental ruffles ensures there is peace in your mind. Thus, you become aware of your inner mechanisms.

Be a Consistent Practitioner

Consistency is going to decide whether you are going to perfectly practice focused meditation. If you will not be consistent, you might have to struggle a lot. Therefore, you should regularly practice meditation and increase the duration over time.

Wrap Up

Practicing meditation is going to enrich your life with peace and bliss. However, you should know where to begin with. Also, you must be aware of some of the mistakes that you should avoid practicing meditation. Thus, you should learn focused meditation from certified yoga teachers.

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Over time, you are going to become expert meditation practitioners and live a happy & blissful life.

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