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Easiest Poses of Yoga For Back Pain You Must Practice

Do you sit the whole day in front of a computer or on mobile? If yes, you might be experiencing back pain issues. You are not alone. Rather, every third person suffers back pain issues. Worry not! There is a natural cure to that. You can practice various poses of yoga for back pain every day to heal it.

Practicing yoga every single day is the key to success. Thus, make sure you practice consistently. However, make sure you do not push your body beyond its limits too soon. This could lead to injury and other issues.

Best Poses of Yoga For Back Pain For Better Life

Check out the following poses of yoga for back pain.

Bridge Pose

bridge pose

One of the best and most effective poses of yoga for back pain is the bridge pose. It balances out the too much forward bending that you do every day. Further, it works on your hips, hamstrings, glutes, and middle & lower back,

Hence, the bridge pose is surely going to improve your overall posture. Not just that, it also works on your neck and core muscles.


Too much forward bending puts a lot of stress on your lower back muscles. Hence, over time, various issues occur in smaller joints of your spine. That is where the superman pose comes into action.

There is least action involved. The superman pose is a static pose that means you have to hold your pose for a longer time. Make sure you squeeze your abs, hips, and back muscles. This way, it improves your spine’s agility and mobility.

Child’s Pose

child pose

One of the greatest poses of yoga for back pain, the child’s pose improves your spine’s mobility and flexibility. The best thing about this pose is that it works on your spine as well as your legs.

The forward bending while practicing this pose strengthens your core muscles. Moreover, it improves the mobility and range of motion of your ankles and spine. Hence, it works on your back muscles that increase the working efficiency of your body.

Camel Pose

camel pose

What do you think is the best way to balance or cancel out too much forward bending? It is to practice poses that consist of back bending. That is where the camel pose comes into action.

It expands your chest, stretches your core and hip muscles. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for back pain that you should be practicing regularly. It strengthens the supporting muscles in your body that enhance your overall performance.

Cobra Pose

cobra pose

Another great pose of yoga for back pain is the cobra pose. It increases the flexibility of your upper back, scapula muscles, shoulder joints, and much more. Hence, if you are suffering from lower back pain, this is perfect for you.

Make sure you are pushing down your shoulder away from your ears. This way it works more on your shoulder muscles and improves their stability. If possible, raise your upper body as much as you can without even lifting your lower back.

Wrap Up

Back pain is a serious issue that many people face. Because of this, they can’t live a normal life. They either have to leave all the luxury or have to pay a very high price if they try to do normal stuff. Thus, to make sure that anything like this does not happen to you, make sure you are already prepared.

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How can you prepare yourself? Simply by practicing yoga for back pain. Also, if some yoga pose seems complex or painful, do not push your body. Rather, you need to try different progressions. Practice the one in which your body is the most comfortable. Do practice consistently and diligently to live a pain-free life.