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Different Types of Yoga Mudra: A Beginner’s Guide

Yoga Mudra – Ever saw yoga practitioners making different hand gestures? Those are referred to as Yoga Mudras. The Yoga Mudras have greater significance in yoga practice. Want to learn more about them? If yes, keep reading further.

What are Yoga Mudras?

Yoga Mudras are hand gestures, signs, or static poses done by joining hands, fingers, or fingertips. Different hand sign signifies different characteristics of the Yoga Mudra. Further, Mudra leads to the flow of energy through different parts of your body.

The practice of Yoga Mudras is done while practicing different yoga poses, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Further, it repairs various automatic refluxes in your mind that halt the efficient working of a mind. Hence, Yoga Mudras has a deep yogic significance in every beings life.

Different Types of Yoga Mudra

The different types of yoga mudra are mentioned below:

Gyan Mudra

gyan mudra

Want to get rid of depression and mental tension? If yes, then the Gyan Mudra is for you. Further, the practice of Gyan Mudra raises your root chakra.

Regular practice of the Gyan Mudra improves concentration and mind power. It is also linked to the memory power of a person.

Vayu Mudra

vayu mudra

Feeling restless? Practice the Vayu Mudra. It calms you by negating the air element in your body. Practicing the Vayu Mudra heals various digestive issues and joint pain.

Moreover, the practice of Vayu Mudra completely relaxes your muscles and endocrine glands. Thus, it works on balancing the hormones that reduce various involuntary actions in your body.

Prana Mudra

prana mudra benefits

Prana is a symbol of life, spirit, energy, or the life force in every person. The practice of Prana Mudra leads to better health and energy. It also boosts the flow of energy within your body that enhances your immunity.

Hence, your immunity against various diseases increases manifolds. Prana Mudra practice also reduces hunger pangs that can help you in losing excessive weight. Hence, it helps in fasting and staying lean throughout your life.

Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra with images

Do you spend hours before a computer screen? If yes, this is a perfect Yoga Mudra for you. It stops watering of eyes due to hours of staring at a blue screen. Moreover, it lessens various symptoms of heart diseases that indicate good heart health.
The regular practice of the Shunya Mudra strengthens your bones and reduces any throat ailments.

Apan Mudra

Apan Mudra benefits

Also known as the Mudra of digestion, the Apan Mudra removes constipation, improves weak digestion, and balances out the chemicals in your stomach. Furthermore, it is effective on piles by removing various toxins from your blood.

The Apan Mudra practice ensures every bit of food gets digested. Thus, it leads to a better flow of blood through your intestines that ensures your digestive system remains clean. Hence, it plays a major role in detoxifying your body.

Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra with pics

Want to lose weight? If yes, then this is a perfect Yoga Mudra for you. Regular practice of the Surya Mudra boosts your metabolism. Thus, it leads to burning more and more calories even with the least physical movements.

Moreover, Surya Mudra’s practice helps you get rid of various digestive issues. It further cures loss of appetite that could halt your body transformation.

Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra

Do you have dry skin? Then the Varun Mudra practice is just for you. It balances the water element in your body that heals are the skin-related issues. Further, it balances out the water levels in your body that could save your throat or head from water loss.

Further, it leads to mental clarity and fluid balance in your body.

Ling Mudra

Ling mudra benefits

Your body does produce enough sweat? Try Ling Mudra! It opens your skin pores and raises the heat in your body. Further, it could help in resolving issues related to phlegm, dry cough, sinus problems, or asthma.

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Summing Up

Yoga Mudras might seem like normal hand gestures. However, when you deeply look into it, they link with the complex human body functions. Hence, make sure you include them in your regular yoga routine to live a perfectly balanced life.