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Babies Yoga: Poses & Benefits For Toddlers

As the saying goes – the earliest you start, the better results you gain. Taking the saying into consideration, yoga can be practiced as earliest as possible. That is why babies yoga is gaining so much significance in contemporary times. However, babies have fragile bodies. That means you need to be utterly conscious while choosing babies yoga poses.

Our yoga experts have decades of experience in teaching yoga. Thus, you should go through the following points to know which poses are good for toddlers. Moreover, you must also know why babies yoga will help you the best. Keep reading.

Babies Yoga: A Few Good Poses Variations

Downward Dog

One of the best yoga poses that every person should be practicing is the Downward Dog pose. Toddlers have weaker bones and joints that are not ready to sustain pressure. In that case, practicing a different variation of Downward Dog while doing babies yoga is going to come to the rescue.

Instead of letting the body weight fall on the baby’s knee and arms, you should hold the baby’s body. Make sure you hold the baby from the stomach. Let the hands and toes touch the ground. Just make sure there is minimum pressure on the baby’s body.

Happy Baby Pose

Babies are prone to gastric or stomach issues. To relieve that, Happy Baby pose is going to come to your rescue. For this, make your toddler lie on the floor. Fold the legs and hold them from the knees. However, widening the legs a little to let the groin breathe easily.

It is perfect to work on the inner thighs of a baby. If your toddler is elder, let him or her explore the pose.

Alternate Leg Kicks

Lie the baby on a bed and hold its feet. Slowly walk the legs like peddling a cycle. That heals stomach issues and joint fluids. Therefore, when the baby grows older, he or she won’t be suffering from the lower back, knee joints, or other aches.

Knees to Stomach

Just like alternate leg kicks, join both legs and touch the knee to the stomach. That cures indigestion and other issues related to the stomach. It also helps in the release of gas that otherwise leads to stomach cramps or intestinal pain.

Supine Lying Position

Let your baby lay on its stomach. It is by far the best pose of babies yoga. It stimulates the stomach, quads, and hamstrings. Moreover, it relieves pressure from the lower back and neck. Hence, the baby gets to move its tiny body the way it wants.

Benefits of Practicing Babies Yoga

A few benefits of practicing babies yoga are mentioned below. Make sure you go through them for more knowledge.

Better Motor Skills

Practicing babies yoga results in better motor and sensory perception. Your toddler learns to move its body as per its desire. That is good for overall body and brain development. Simple yoga stretches also lead to better physical growth.

Hence, with babies yoga practice, your baby is going to become stronger without any issue. A healthier body is home to a healthier mind. Thus, it leads to a better mind-muscle connection.

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Easier Digestion

No doubt babies only drink milk for the first few months of their lives. However, that does not mean they could not get indigestion or other stomach-related issues. Gastric issues are one of the major causes of why baby cries more often.

With the inclusion of babies yoga in their lives, basic gastric issues can be resolved at the earliest. Hence, it offers stronger stomach muscles that come in handy when they grow older.

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Sound Sleep

Babies have to sleep most time of the day. It is crucial for overall growth. If a baby is not experiencing sound sleep, he or she might not grow abundantly. That is where babies yoga comes into play. With regular practice, the baby becomes strong, smart, and intelligent over time.

Wrap Up

Babies yoga is going to help your baby the best when you are always letting them experiment and explore over time. Therefore, you should never push them, rather, let them move freely in life. Moreover, in case you want to learn more about babies yoga, you should consult a registered yoga trainer. With the right practices in life, your baby is going to have the best life.

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