yoga instructions for beginners

9 Yoga Instructions for Beginners

Yoga is the ancient art of creating a strong mind-body connection. It offers immense benefits to your mental and physical health. There are some yoga instructions for beginners that you should follow to reap its benefits. Following these instructions will help you understand the true essence of yoga.

Yes! Yoga is a gentle way for you to stay physically and mentally fit. But, wrong alignment and improper warmup do result in a serious yoga injury. So it is vital for you to practice it with the right guidance.

But there are some reasons that make yoga different from other forms of exercies. Want to know what these are? Read on.

What Makes Yoga Different from Other Types of Fitness Routines?

In comparison to stretching, yoga benefits go beyond the physical. Practicing yoga helps you establish a solid mind-body connection. Daily asana practice connects body movement to the rhythm of breathing to your state of mind.

Combining your mind, body, and breathing allows to disconnect from the external world. It helps you get rid of all the noise and focus on self-growth and realization. In the long run this makes you more confident and aware of the present moment. You are able to let go of everything holding you back and absorb what is necessary to move on this spiritual path.

To experience this difference you have to keep certain things in mind.

Yoga Instructions for Beginners

Yoga experts have come up with a list of 9 yoga instructions to help you practice yoga with ease.

1. Have a “WHY”

There are different reasons for individuals to start a yoga practice. Some do it to lose extra fat while others to develop muscular strength. The same applies to you. There has to be a good reason for you to join yoga. It is important to have a “WHY” before saying yes to any yoga style.

2. Find an Experienced Teacher

Finding a qualified yoga teacher is the most important yoga instruction for beginners. An experienced yoga teacher plays a vital role in helping you learn yoga. They offer you an insight into the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

A qualified yoga teacher can answer the many questions you might have about yoga. They also provide you complete support during yoga practice.

3. Self-Learn

There are many yoga asanas and techniques you might find a bit hard to practice. But you do have enough time to get familiar with some of the beginner-level yoga asanas. Yoga experts recommend you learn the Mountain pose, Child’s pose, or the Warrior I pose. These are easier to learn and practice as a yoga beginner.

4. Buy Comfortable Clothing

Clothes do make a world of difference when it comes to learning yoga. Yoga experts recommend that you buy yoga clothes made from breathable material. These help you practice yoga asanas without feeling suffocated or sweaty. If you plan to learn yoga during the winters then invest in thermal athletic gear to stay warm.

5. Change Your Diet

One of the important yoga instructions for beginners has a lot to do with your diet. If you consume too much of alcohol or non-veg, it is time to make a change. Eat foods rich in essential nutrients like carbs and fiber.

Consume a light snack at least 2 to 4 hours before the yoga practice. This helps you practice yoga without falling asleep or feeling full. Keep in mind that to become a yogi, you have to adopt to a vegetarian lifestyle.

6. Stop Comparing

As a beginner, this is one common mistake that many yoga beginners commit. Yoga is a journey to discover your true self. It is not a competitive sport where you win medals for doing a yoga asana using the right technique.

Yes! There is something to learn from everyone. But it does not mean you are less than the other individual. Do not be hard on yourself for failing to practice an asana with perfection like the person next to you in the class. Yoga is not about perfection. It is about self-discovery and realization.

7. Make Notes

Before you sign up for a yoga class you should know yoga basics. These include knowing the yoga asanas Sanskrit name, different poses, and practices. Making notes helps you understand the yoga teacher’s instructions.

Knowing the Sanskrit names of asanas would not confuse you as you are familiar with them beforehand. Do follow this yoga instruction for beginners if you want to practice yoga without fail.

8. Go Slow

Do not rush yourself through each yoga pose in the class. Yoga practice has to be mindful and fluid. Moving slow helps you reap the full benefits of yoga. It also helps you keep injuries away and improve concentration level. Join a certified yoga school to learn yoga asanas from experienced yoga teachers.

9. Warm-Up

Doing a proper warm-up before yoga asanas loosen up your body. It also prepares it for the yoga session ahead. Yoga experts recommend that you learn and practice Sun Salutations. It is the perfect warm-up routine for every yoga practitioner.


Want to enroll in a yoga class? Feeling a little skeptical as a yoga beginner? Don’t! The yoga instructions for beginners described above will help you start yoga practice without any hassle.

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