Yoga For Heart Patients

6 Effective Poses of Yoga For Heart Patients

There are countless organs in the human body. However, there are a few vital organs in your body without which your body cannot survive. One of the most important vital organs is the human heart. This small fist-shaped organ is responsible for pumping blood in the body. However, due to various ailments, heart complications take place. That is where the practice of yoga for heart patients works like wonders.

Top 6 Poses of Yoga For Heart Patients

If you want to improve the working of your heart, here are the best yoga poses that you can practice. Keep reading.

Standing Forward Bend

standing forward bend pose

Your heart is always under consistent pressure to pump fresh blood to every corner of your body. Hence, to facilitate your heart to have a little ease, you can practice the standing forward bend pose. For that, all you need to do is to bend forward while standing tall on your feet.

If possible, you should keep your legs straight and locked out. It brings your heart a little lower than its usual position. Hence, it becomes easier for the heart to pump more blood. Thus, it is one of the best poses of yoga for heart patients.

Bridge Pose

bridge pose

The bridge pose positions your heart in a way that makes it easier for the blood to flow smoothly. To practice the bridge pose, simply lie on a flat surface and place your feet on the ground. Gently raise your hips in the air while engaging your hips and core muscles.

Thus, the flow of blood to the core and legs area increases. Since the position of your brain is lower than your heart, it oxygenates your brain with plenty of air. Therefore, it is one of the best poses of yoga for heart patients to calm the mind.

Head to Knee Pose

head to knee pose

You can do this pose of yoga for heart patients in two ways. One is standing up and another is sitting down. For beginner yoga practitioners, sitting head to knee pose can be a little easier. Apart from working on your heart’s working and functioning, it improves your flexibility as well.

Furthermore, the health of your spine affects the condition of your heart. Touching your head to your knees stretches your spine and hamstrings. Hence, it improves the flow of blood to enhance the agility of your body.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Your heart is positioned on the left side of your lower chest area. It is enclosed in a frame of bones and ribs. Too much sitting could lead to the shrinking of this rib cage that affects heart health. That is where the cobra pose comes into play.

Raising your upper body while your lower body remains in contact with the ground stretches your ribs and chest muscles. Thus, it creates more room for your heart to beat and work more efficiently. Another reason is that it massages the walls of your heart.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose

Another pose to relax your mind and body is the child’s pose. Resting your head on your arms while sitting on your shin bones produces a soothing effect on your mind. Moreover, it massages your heart a little that improves your blood circulation.

Irregular flow of blood could lead to inconsistent blood flow. Hence, it could lead to various complications. Therefore, to have a seamless flow of blood, you can practice the child’s pose.

Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall

One of the best poses of yoga for heart patients is the legs up the wall pose. All you need to do is place your legs against a nearby wall. Moreover, the lower position of your heart provides adequate rest to your heart. Also, the reverse flow of blood can help in cleaning the walls of your heart and nerves.

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Wrap Up

Not just the heart but every vital organ of your body should be in perfect health. For that, you can complement your practice of yoga for heart patients with meditation and pranayama practice. With the regular practice of yoga, you gain mental and physical wellness. Hence, you live a serene and peaceful life.