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5 Secrets to Finding the Best Yoga Retreat for Beginners

If you think that going to a yoga retreat is only suitable for advanced yoga practitioners, think again. Similar to the different yoga styles the yoga retreats also cater to different needs and wants. Right from multiple classes to going on outdoor excursions to reconnect with nature, there is a lot a yoga retreat offers for beginners.

The yoga retreat is the best way for beginners to not just deepen yoga practice but also take a break from the hectic city life. However, since there are thousands of yoga schools providing a variety of yoga retreats, it might become a bit hard to choose the right one. If you are planning to have a yoga retreat to rejuvenate your body and mind then read on further to know how to find the right place.

5 Secrets to Choosing the Best Yoga Retreat for Beginners

Given below are the five secrets to help you find the best yoga retreat as a beginner.

Have A Clear Objective

In every decision of life, you ask yourself why you are doing a thing. Similarly, choosing a yoga retreat also requires you to answer this question. You might be an ardent yogi or a complete beginner and want to stay mentally and physically fit.

There is no wrong or right answer to your reasons behind joining a yoga retreat for beginners. An important thing to be clear about is knowing the reasons behind joining the retreat.

Consider the Location and Time

A majority of yoga retreats are in exotic locations including pristine mountains or nearby oceans. For example, there are many yoga retreats in Bali and Thailand but you have to be willing to go on a straight 16 hours flight to get there.

In other words, you need to decide on the location and if you are willing to travel that far to rejuvenate your body and mind. Secondly, do consider the time of the year as you don’t want to end up being stuck in a yoga retreat during bad weather.

Research the Teachers

The teachers and yoga style taught to form the core of a yoga retreat. You need to find out who will be leading the retreat classes. Research about the experienced teachers have in teaching yoga, where they got the certification, and if they have prior experience of leading a yoga retreat.

Ask about their prior teaching experience. There is a vast difference between leading a yoga class in a gym and teaching people yoga on a retreat for several days. In other words, choose a retreat that has teachers with considerable teaching experience.

Timing and Pricing

After you are done selecting a particular yoga retreat for beginners, next comes taking a look at your budget. You have to consider what the yoga retreat offers in a package and if there are any extra expenses.

The majority of yoga retreats have activities that take place within a set schedule throughout the day. You also have to arrange for travel and transportation beforehand. Moreover, find out if they offer additional treatments and outdoor activities within the package. Also, check if these have a separate cost.

The Style of Yoga

With a variety of yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini among others, it can be a bit hard to find the right yoga retreat. You have to find out about the style of yoga taught at a yoga retreat. Try to find a yoga retreat that offers a mix of various yoga styles along with proper rest.

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Yoga retreats offer you the best opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind. Keep in mind the five secrets mentioned above to find the best yoga retreat for beginners and get rid of all the stress.


Ques 1) What do you do at a yoga retreat?

Ans) There are various activities that you can do when you go on a yoga retreat. You can practice yoga, spend with yourself, go on various adventure activities, explore the location, and just relax. 

Ques 2) How do I choose a yoga retreat?

Ans) The first and the most important thing you must choose is the location. Once you have decided the location, check the time period, and book your yoga retreat. Also, make sure you check all the activities the yoga retreat of your selection is offering. 

Ques 3)What is the purpose of a retreat?

Ans) Helping you relax and taking out time for yourself is the purpose of a yoga retreat. However, different retreats serve you differently depending on their structure or theme. Therefore, check the retreat before signing up for it.