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200 hour yoga teacher training

List of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Schools in India

Yoga is the best natural way for an individual to connect with the divine being. It provides you the skills to rejuvenate your body and mind. The yogic lifestyle is not just about practicing yoga asanas but also understanding the philosophy and spiritual aspects of this sacred art.

With that said, it is important individuals search for a certified yoga school to kick-start their yoga journey. Yoga schools have highly experienced staff who possess complete knowledge of this ancient art.

5 Top 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Schools in India

No one can underestimate the important role a yoga school plays in helping an individual reach his/her highest potential with yoga. The yoga school offers you a sacred space to reconnect with yourself and let go of all the stress and anxiety.

Given below are the top 5 yoga schools in India.

1. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

Located in the foothills of Kerala’s Western Ghats, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram is an excellent place to master the spiritual aspects of yoga. The Ashram is located near the Neyyar Dam and has highly qualified yoga teachers who help a person understand yoga beyond the physical practice of asanas.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta yoga school provides in-depth lessons on yogic breathing, proper diet, meditation, and the right exercise.

2. Ashtanga Institute Mysore

Located in Mysore, Ashtanga Institute offers lessons on not just the different yoga asanas but also different types of meditation techniques and lessons on human anatomy. The teachers at this certified yoga school know a relaxed body is always open to receive knowledge about the yogic arts.

This yoga school offers individuals the 200-hour yoga course to help them kick-start their career in yoga. Moreover, there is a regular two hours session of yoga theory which helps the individual understand yoga a bit in-depth rather than just its physical practice.

3. Svadhyaya Kosha

Svadhyaya Kosha is located in the holy city of Rishikesh and offers the best yoga courses to beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. The yoga school has a calm and serene environment which makes it the perfect place to start one’s yoga journey.

The teachers at Svadhyaya Kosha carry a Yoga Alliance USA certification which means the individual would learn this sacred art under highly trained and experienced yoga teachers. Its range of yoga programs is suited to those who want to advance their yoga practice or looking to to teach this sacred art.

4. Abhinam Yoga School

Abhinam is a Sanskrit word that means humble and egoless. The yoga school follows the same philosophy in its yoga classes. Abhinam yoga school follows the vision that a good yoga teacher should also be a good yoga student. Its teachers know that yoga is a continuous process of self-discovery rather than just the practice of specific asanas.

The yoga school aims at spreading peace and harmony by helping individuals adopt to a yogic lifestyle. Yoga teachers at Abhinam aim at helping the individual become not just flexible but also dive deeper into the spiritual and mental aspects of this ancient art.

5. Mahi Yoga

The Mahi yoga school located in Dharamshala offers yoga courses for both beginners and advanced practitioners of this ancient art. Mahi yoga school is an RYS (Registered Yoga School) with the Yoga Alliance USA and offers theoretical and practical lessons on yoga as a lifestyle. Every teacher at Mahi Yoga possesses the Yoga Alliance USA certification.

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Learning yoga is not just about practicing various asanas but also understanding its mental and spiritual aspects. One should find a Yoga Alliance USA certified yoga school to master this ancient art under an expert’s guidance.