200 hour vs 500 hour RYT

200 hour vs 500 hour yoga teacher training: Know the Difference

Which one to choose: 200 hour or 500 hour yoga teacher training? If you too are confused and thinking over 200 hour vs 500 hour yoga teacher training, you must read till the very end. By the time you are done reading, you can easily distinguish between the two and can make up your mind for which one to choose.

Basic Difference Between 200 Hour vs 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The basic differences between 200 vs 500 hour YTT are mentioned below:

Yoga Poses

When you think about 200 hour vs 500 hour yoga teacher training, many things into mind. Yoga poses are one of those elements.

200 RYT has one of the most basic yoga poses. The sole purpose is to make you move your body. Further, the aim is to ensure your joints and muscles have a better range of motion without any injury.

In 500 RYT, the yoga poses are of advanced level. The aim is to push your body to its limits. By now, your body has adjusted to the poses. Therefore, the focus is to shock your muscles for optimum growth.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is one of the most important elements of the 200 vs 500 hour YTT fight. The sole reason is it mentally prepares you for upcoming challenges.

200 RYT makes you familiar with the simplest yet easy to do meditation practice. It is to train your mind, calm your brain, and improve your mental cognition.

However, in 500 RYT, you learn about different forms of meditation practices. The aim here is to help you reach the deepest core of your mind. Further, laser-sharp focus and a strong connection with your soul are what you look for in 500 RYT.

Pranayama Exercises

Breathing is of utmost importance when you practice yoga. Thus, it is yet another major element in the 200 hour vs 500 hour yoga teacher training fight.

200 RYT has some basic breathing exercises to ensures you breathe perfectly. Hence, you learn about simple breathing exercises that you can use to calm your mind.

On the other hand, RYT 500 introduces you to deep Pranayama exercises to raise your awareness. Moreover, you learn how to breathe in unison with your body movements.

Additional Information

You should know that 200 hour yoga teacher training is for beginner yoga aspirants. The sole purpose is to make you familiar with different yogic practices.

RYT 200 helps you learn about your body, techniques to have good posture, and other elements. RYT 500 takes your yoga journey to a whole new level. You learn about how to detox your body or form a strong mind-muscle connection.

Duration of the Course

Since beginners should not push their bodies to the extreme, therefore, the 200 hour yoga teacher training is of short duration. Hence, if a longer duration is your goal, the RYT 500 wins the 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training battle.

RYT 200 is 28 days long whereas 500 RYT is 60 days long. Each yoga course has pre-allocated hours designated for each module. Thus, you should give equal weightage to each module.

Wrap Up

As you can see, the 200 hour vs 500 hour yoga teacher training battle is an ever-going process. Some call 200 RYT a perfect course whereas others prefer 500 RYT. Whatever may be your concern, you should always learn about each thing before diving into it.

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Similarly, learn which yoga course is perfect for you. Moreover, you must choose the course as per your eligibility. Beginners should not dive into deep waters before testing out the shallow fronts.

Thus, follow each course in a perfect hierarchy to become the best version of yourself.