Yoga for mind and peace

10-Minute Yoga Practice to Relax and Revitalize Your Mind

Yoga for mind power – Looking for an escape from your blow-up life and experience peace of mind? Yoga for mind is the answer to be counted on.

Spare some time to de-clutter and de-stress your mind. Over time, stress and anxiety can be the reason for malfunction in your brain. Luckily, yoga practice can help you intensify your brainpower that too without any medication. By gifting just a 10-minute yoga routine to yourself, you can not only uplift your mind but also maintain its peace and well-being. Hence, practice the following routine of yoga for mind. 

Effective Yoga Poses to Charge Your Mind – Yoga For Mind Power

Walkthrough the series of some simple yet effective poses of yoga for mind to improve the functioning and power of your brain. Read on.

Minute-by-minute yoga guide to relieve stress and find inner peace!

  • Minute 1: Set an intention to flow with the breath. To do so, you can recite a mantra or AUM word while inhaling and exhaling breath into your body. This will help you gear up positive energy around the space you selected to practice the ancient art.
  • Minute 2: Be seated in a comfortable posture as per your physical abilities. You can sit with crisscross legs, knees lower than hips, half or full lotus. Once easy, start pranayama. Nadi Shoddana can be practiced by you to start with.
  • Minute 3: Slowly move into Tree Pose by standing on the left leg and bringing the right upwards. For best results, you can also close your eyes. Doing so will help you enhance the demand of staying still and balancing.
  • Minute 4: Now, it’s time to float into Flying Pigeon Pose. Beginners may find the pose a bit challenging as a great deal of openness and strength is needed to balance arms.

Quick Tips:

Practitioners new to yoga can join the Yoga Alliance registered school to gain yogic skills and learn how to find peace by doing yoga for mind.

  • Minute 5: From Flying Pigeon Pose, slowly move yourself to do a headstand. If you feel it difficult to practice, you can try Toe Stand after doing Tree Pose.
  • Minute 6: No matter whether you practiced Headstand or Toe Stand during the last minute, this is the time to hop into Mountain Pose. After giving your time to the practice of this pose, step into next.
  • Minute 7: Sit into Chair Pose. Make sure you practice all the poses in a slow manner. Don’t push yourself with rapidness, this can result in injury. You can maintain the chair pose for 2-3 breaths.
  • Minute 8: After doing the Chair Pose, Boat Pose is the one you need to indulge in your daily practice.
  • Minute 9: Next, in the line, is seated forward bend. With the practice of this asana, you feel stretch in your body, especially back. This asana will calm your mind by relieving tension and depression as well as reduce fatigue, tiredness, and obesity.
  • Minute 10: Lastly, get relaxed by releasing yourself down onto the mat and doing Savasana.

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Note: Make sure you practice all the aforementioned poses of yoga for mind with an empty stomach and bowels clean.

We hope you save yourself from stress and tension by practicing the Mind yoga asanas listed in the post. Well, take a deep breath, devote 10 minutes, and practice yoga to calm your nerves and feel happier. Your mind will surely be thankful to you!

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Ques. 1 What yoga does to your brain?

Ans. The regular practice of yoga for mind makes new neurotic patterns in your brain. This increases the gray matter in the frontal lobe of your brain. Hence, you become smarter, calm, and more patient. 

Ques. 2 Can Yoga increase IQ?

Ans. The practice of yoga for mind boosts your intellectual power. Moreover, your ability to observe and understand things increases. Hence, you grasp things much faster which automatically improves your IQ. 

Ques. 3 How can I increase my brain power naturally?

Ans. There are many things that you need to get rid of to boost your brain naturally. The first and the most important is to inculcate the practice of yoga for mind in your routine. Then, avoid sugar, fast food, and other things that affect your mind power.