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Reconnect with Your Soul at Yoga Retreat Center in Rishikesh, India

Visit the land of yoga (Rishikesh) to practice yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Himalayas by booking a yoga retreat in India!

We help you find peace of mind, body, and soul. All you need to do is – choose from various yoga retreat course options and learn the gentle way of the ancient science of yoga under the guidance of expert and certified yoga teachers. The sound of ‘Chanting and Bells’ in the divine city Rishikesh and pure clean water of the mighty ‘Ganga River’ will, surely, please your mind and soul while having a yoga retreat in India. It is said that a single dip into the holy river Ganga is enough to calm your body, mind, and soul. Yoga practice at our yoga retreat center coupled with the serene beauty of Rishikesh will certainly take your yoga retreat experience to the next level.

By Joining yoga retreat in Rishikesh, you will be able to learn various styles of yoga including traditional Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Best of all, teachers at our Yoga Retreat Center are extremely dedicated and are on their toes to share and spread knowledge of this timeless lineage as well as inspire students and practitioners from all over the world about yoga.

Our objective is to deliver an authentic yoga experience to our students through various yoga retreat courses and yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Students experience transformations as they evolve in the yoga practice and dig deeper into it.

Our comprehensive yoga retreat courses are conducted by highly-experienced and dedicated yoga teachers. Our yoga teachers seek to infuse real traits of the yogic lifestyle among individuals who come to practice and study this ancient art at the best yoga retreat center in Rishikesh, India.

Best Retreat Center To Discover Yoga

The aim of our yoga retreat center is to transform you into a better person, bringing light and bliss into your life. During the yoga retreat in India, you will be able to enjoy life-changing yoga activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Mantra Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Yoga asanas
  • Nature excursions
  • Six cleansing exercises (shat karma)
  • Science of breath (pranayama)

Planning a Yoga Retreat in India?

Join the Best Yoga and Wellness Retreat With Us

Book a Yoga Vacation at our Yoga Retreat Center and Enjoy Life-Changing Benefits

Comfortable Accommodation

Since you will be far from home, our yoga retreat center does everything to offer you a safe, hygienic, comfortable, and relaxing environment so that you can make the most of your yoga retreat.

Customized Retreat Courses

Our yoga retreat courses are designed for students to learn the art of yoga incorporating different types, forms, and techniques. From 3 to 15 days, we offer customized yoga retreat package options.

Connect With Nature

With a Yoga Vacation in Rishikesh, you will not only practice yoga for mind, body, and soul but also get a chance to connect yourself with nature by immersing your being in the beautiful surroundings.

Yoga Retreat For Beginners to Professionals

A yoga retreat is the best option for taking a break from a busy lifestyle, escape the daily routine, and refresh your body and mind by practicing various yogic techniques such as asana, pranayama, and meditation. Joining a Yoga Retreat Course is suitable for all levels, no matter whether you are a yoga beginner or an experienced practitioner. We offer various options in yoga retreats for beginners as well as professionals.

Our Yoga & Meditation Retreat courses are perfect and designed for the students who;

  • Wish to have an amazing life-changing experience,
  • Are looking to detoxify their body,
  • Are looking for refreshing their life by reducing daily-life stress,
  • Wish to explore Indian culture and its spiritual values.

Benefits of Yoga Retreat in India

Physical and Mental Strength

Our Yoga retreat center offers the best yoga retreat courses in Rishikesh, India to ensure the comprehensive development of students. To cope up with stress and anxiety, apart from regular yoga skills, students are also being taught to accept various physical and mental challenges here.

While doing a yoga retreat in India, physical practice combined with yoga meditation, mantra, and pranayama will help students improve physical and psychological strength at our yoga retreat center in India.

Deepen Yoga Practice

Being a leading name for offering a yoga retreat in India, we provide the best assistance to students of all levels. Individuals with various body types and strengths can enroll in our yoga retreat center to deepen their knowledge and get the benefits of yoga.

The students at our yoga retreat center learn various yoga poses, correct body alignment, and about yoga benefits. We also teach yoga meditation to those who aim for greater spiritual development to find inner peace.

Discover a New Perspective

The best part about attending a yoga retreat in India at our yoga retreat center is that we help individuals develop new insight about life and a sense of awareness that makes them learn how to see things and circumstances in a different yet positive manner.

During the yoga retreat course in Rishikesh, India, we focus on the self-realization of an individual through the practice of yoga ethics, yoga lifestyle, and meditation to help them discover new perspective towards life.

Meet Like-minded People

The best part about joining yoga retreat in India is that the students can meet like-minded people or yoga communities and have fun doing yoga-related activities .

While yoga is a personal practice, but one of the greatest benefits of joining a yoga retreat is that a student finds an opportunity to make new connections with like-minded people from various walks of life around the world as well as make friends who might help you add positive energy into your life.

Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

No matter you join us to learn yoga for self-development or want to refresh your well-being, our Yoga Retreat Center in India can help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Apart of having peace of mind, a yoga retreat also has the benefit to improve your health and bring you extreme calmness from daily life stresses. Individuals will, surely, leave from a yoga retreat in India having exercised their body, relaxed their mind, and finally feeling healthier.

Find Healing

We help you heal not only your mental but also physical and spiritual health. Joining a Spiritual Healing retreat in India can transform your life and reduce stress.

On a healing retreat, you’ll be able to surround yourself with positive vibes, thoughts, and feelings. Furthermore, you will be far from a hectic schedule leading to stress and only embracing the positives vibes coming your way. Heal your mind, body, and soul with a healing retreat.

Yoga Retreat in India- Rules and Regulations

  • You must reach every yoga class on time. Late entry to a class will not be entertained.
  • Smoking and having non-veg food as well as alcohol during a yoga retreat program is strictly prohibited.
  • A student must always respect teachers and be in discipline.
  • Return books or any other material you borrowed from the yoga center before departure. However, if you need the book or material for future reference, you can request a copy of the material by contacting authorities.
  • Just in case, you want to skip a meal or having plans for fasting on a particular day, notify about the same in advance so as to avoid the food wastage.
  • In case of misconduct or disrespect to any rules, authorities of the yoga retreat center reserve the right to terminate the student anytime, without any prior notice.

Why Choose Us?

Spiritual Environment

Raise your spirit to its best by letting your mind relax and rest.

Authentic Yoga

Don’t just practice Yoga. Instead, practice it the right way.

Experienced Teachers

Learn Yoga from experienced and certified teachers.

Peaceful Location

Not just inner peace, but also feel the beauty of nature.

Yogic Food

Eat the nutritious yogic food that tastes good.

Friendly Staff

Our caring and friendly staff will ease your yogic journey.

Facilities at Our Yoga Retreat Center in India

At our Yoga Retreat Center in Rishikesh, we feel proud to offer the best place to learn yoga in India, where students love to stay. We offer a perfect learning atmosphere for the students by offering comfortable accommodation facilities that are inspired by the ancient teaching system.

Not only known as the best yoga retreat school but also we are known for our high-end accommodation facilities. Here are some of the facilities we offer while doing Yoga Retreat in India:

  • Comfortable lodging
  • Open Kitchen
  • Yoga books and related materials
  • Supply of hot and cold water in the bathrooms 24*7
  • Comfortable bedding, blankets, mattress, sheets, and pillow
  • Heaters in Winter (On additional charges)
  • Vegetarian food 3 times in a day
  • Herbal Tea 2 times in a day
  • Refreshing activities like Ganga Aarti, lake visit, etc.
Certified Yoga Retreats

We provide certified yoga retreats to our students. Even if you join us to attend a yoga retreat for beginners program, you will receive a yoga retreat course certification from our yoga retreat center after the successful completion of the course.

Just in case, after attending a yoga retreat session, you wish to learn more about yoga, or want to have a Spiritual Healing session, you can anytime enroll yourself for the same.

Our Happy Students

Yoga Retreat Highlights

Yoga Classes

Practice various types and techniques of yoga under the guidance of expert teachers.


Find your inner and soothe away the daily life stresses through meditation.

Sun Salutation

Energize and strengthen your body by learning Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar.

Breathing Techniques

Achieve healthy mind and body by practicing 'Control of Breath' through Pranayama.

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